9 am - 5.00 pm (M - F) By appointment

On-Site Service
$30.00 trip charge for Scheduled service
$50.00 trip charge for Emergency service

Tech Servics
$80.00 per hour (Residential rate)
$120.00 per hour (PO/Corporate rate)
Cancellation fee $35.00
EQUIMENT not picked up after 10 days, may be sold to offset costs.

Domain Registation First Year $25.00
Domain Registation Yearly $18.00
Hosting Residential per year $180.00
Hosting Business per year $240.00*
Design Maintenance, Layout, Graphics
$55.00 per hour (Residential rate)

$75.00 per hour (Corporate rate)

$55.00 per hour (Residential rate)
$110.00 per hour (Corporate rate)

Audio/Video Production
$80.00 per hour

Customer Support
WebForm, $30.00
Telephone $40 per call

Emergency Calls & W/E Rates
1.5 X posted rates, after 5pm and Saturdays
2 X posted rates, Sundays

*Additional Fees based on Storage & Bandwidth

All payments due at time of service
Invoice payments due in 10 days
Late payment billing fees $15.00
Interest after 30 days, 2% per mo.
Free Services

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It is understood and agreed that Maui Mac Medic is not an Apple Authorized Service provider. MauiMacMedic will not be held responsible for any loss of data or equipment resulting from requested services, at time of service Or thereafter. Payment due on completion. ALL SERVICE AT OWNER'S RISK (One hour service = 50 minutes)
Equipment not picked up after TEN days of repaired status notification will be stored at a cost of $24.95 per month. After 90 days, equipment will be considered abandoned and become the property of MauiMacMedic.com to be disposed of at their will.

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